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#PRAYLONDON acts a catalyst to unite the church in prayer in Jesus’ name during a major crisis in our capital.



In November 2019, there were 10 local #PRAYLONDON events hosted by church unity groups,
local churches and prayer networks.
Centrally, the #PRAYLONDON team created complimentary material that was used locally,
mobilising prayer focused on the challenging issues facing London with insights on how to pray
strategically and intentionally. This material included:
• Crafted Powerpoint
• Key prayer points
• Interviews with strategic people


In March 2020, the #PRAYLONDON team are again creating some material to help Christians
in London pray for the city.

We will be focusing the prayers on leadership and influence in our city.

The content is created for churches to ‘plug in and play’ and can be
used as a stand alone event or adapted to be used as part of an existing prayer gathering.


Where possible, one of the #PRAYLONDON team may be able to come and take part in the
prayer gathering.


The local hosts are responsible for any costs (eg worship leaders, church hall usage).


We would love to have you partner with us in hosting a local #PRAYLONDON event in March!

Download our flyer for more information




Rev Les Isaac shares his heart behind the #PrayLondon initiative.



"2017 was a very eventful year for London. Out of that came a sense that the walls of the city were breached and in need of a spiritual covering."


After the terrorist attacks and Grenfell Tower fire in 2017, Les Isaac (Ascension Trust) brought some key London leaders together and a strong desire was expressed to raise the visibility and strategy of Christian prayer across London.


An emergency prayer response plan (#PRAYLONDON) was developed to help connect and inform Christians praying across the city of the latest crisis needs from local churches on the ground and formal response teams, and to encourage the Church as we stand together in prayer. We share these prayer points via our mailing list. Please sign up below to recieve these emails.

The #PRAYLONDON team have also gathered twice a year with church leaders and intercessors from across the city to cover issues such as Brexit’s impact on London and Knife Crime.



Your details will be held by London City Mission, you can read more details on their privacy policy at lcm.org.uk/privacy.


Following a meeting of key London leaders at the Evangelical Alliance, a strong desire was expressed to raise the visibility and strategy of prayer across London. The #PrayLondon vision is being led through partnership which includes the following.

For enquiries about PrayLondon, please contact Andy Frost